Lockport Lions Step off the Field to Help Carly’s Club


Coach Brenden Brady believes it’s important that his players understand there is more to football than what happens on the field. He has been bringing his high school football teams to the Carly’s Club Holiday Party as volunteers for the past three years. The first two years he was with Williamsville East, and this past year, Lockport High School.

Every year, his team shows up in their jerseys because, as Coach Brady knows, many Carly’s Club members (pediatric cancer patients and survivors) see athletes as celebrities and heroes.

“Volunteering at the Carly’s Club Holiday Party gives my team a great perspective on life,” said Coach Brady. “As athletes, they are very fortunate to have exceptional health, so it’s important to me that in turn, they learn to give back.”

Traditionally, at the end of the Holiday Party, the dance floor erupts and both Carly’s Club members and football players alike light up the dance floor. This year, Coach Brady witnessed a special moment.

“One of my players scooped up a little girl who was very sick. He danced around with her for a while and when I looked over, I saw her give him a kiss on the cheek. He was glowing. It’s special moments like this that remind you of what’s truly important in life. You never know who you’ll impact by volunteering, and more often than not, it’s yourself.”