Girls go Bald for Bucks

Girls Can Do It Too!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

You don't have to shave your whole head in order to participate in Bald For Bucks! Five girls from Casey Middle School came to the Kiss 98.5 studio last week to record some lines with DJ Anthony about what it's been like preparing for their event which is coming up on May 26. They've already raised over $7,000! These girls aren't the only students from Casey Middle who are participating in the event and they really demonstrated why it is so important to their entire community. Many of them have had family members or friends who have been affected by cancer and this is just one way that they can give back. The school last went bald two years ago so this event is sure to be a big one! Several teachers are going bald as well-including two women! Bald For Bucks is an event that everyone can get involved in, whether you want to snip, clip, shave or event style your hair. 

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