Cancer can be scary, but you are never alone. If you know someone with cancer or are battling the disease yourself, we’ll give you the resources you need to beat it and to support your friends and family.



On Monday, August 31, Carly’s Club joined with pediatric cancer patients, families and other WNY organizations to kick off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The emotional evening was an opportunity for all WNY pediatric cancer families to stand together as a commu- nity, receive comfort and support, and spread awareness. The free event included fun activities for the kids, as well as impactful ceremonies to honor and remember those who have been touched by this devastating disease.

High school students – we have an exciting opportunity for you! Do you have a cancer survivor in your life? Wouldn’t it be great to sit down and learn more about their life experiences, lessons, advice and more?

Imagine being in high school and unable to attend prom because a cancer diagnosis has changed your life. For too many teens diagnosed with cancer, this is their reality.

When 8-year-old Luke Gworek can’t go to school because he’s sick or getting leukemia treatments, a plush monkey named Steve takes Luke’s place in a second-grade classroom at Huth Elementary School in Grand Island, NY.

Canopies for Kids is a project that supports children in hospitals in a unique way. The initiative provides skydivers with special stuffed teddy bears to take along on their jumps.

Each year, 72,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in this age group.

Coach Brenden Brady believes it’s important that his players understand there is more to football than what happens on the field.

Roswell Park pilots heart-centered therapy program with pediatric patients