Talking to Your Kids


There are many ways to help your family grow stronger through the process of cancer. Here are a few:




  • Have fun! Enjoy a family game night once a week
  • Make time to talk to each other as a family, even if it’s only for a short time each day
  • Change routine/chore responsibilities to get things done around the house
  • Make a big calendar to help your family stay organized
  • Take the time to visit your sick loved one and share good memories
  • Encourage your kids to share their feelings and be willing to do the same
  • Keep a journal together to fill with drawings, poems, stories and pictures
  • De-stress together by taking walks, yoga or art classes
  • Always remember to say ‘I love you’

Talk About Your Family History
Educating your kids on good health habits will help them through this tough time. Also, talk to them about your family’s geneology, health history and teach them the risk factors for cancer.

Educating Your Kids About Cancer
Interested in teaching your kids about cancer, but don’t know where to start? Visit Yroswell’s Learning section for cancer facts and information.