Yteam Cure


Grab some friends and take action for a world without cancer!

A Yteam Cure group is made up of young people who organize a Team Cure event. Team Cure is a program of the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation that helps individuals and organizations raise money for cancer research and patient care at RPCI.

The steps to organizing a fundraiser are simple:

1. Choose an event. The sky’s the limit! Whether your students want to repeat an annual event, host a small fundraiser, or throw a big community bash, it all starts with selecting the right event.

2. Register your event. Please download, print and complete the Community Event Proposal Form on This form will give the Alliance Foundation more information about the event and how they can best support it.

3. Wait for approval. The Team Cure executive committee reviews each proposal. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for a response.

4. Plan your event! The Team Cure committee will send a Yteam Cure event kit and offer guidance along the way. You can also request RPCI staff or volunteer representation at your event.

Yteam Event Ideas

  • Pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner
  • Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast sale
  • Host a School dance with ticket proceeds to benefit RPCI.
  • Sell raffle tickets for a prize of your school’s choice.
  • Loose change competition between grade levels – Set up jars and see which grade level can raise the most money. Offer a prize like a pizza party.
  • Bottle collection – Have bottle bins available for students to deposit their empty bottles and cans after lunch or at the end of the day. Return the bottles to collect your earnings and “go green.”
  • Movie night – Reserve your auditorium or cafeteria and sell tickets to students to watch a new movie release. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • School spirit week – Students who donate 50 cents each day can participate in that day’s theme. Some ideas include Pajama Day, Decade Day and Class Color Day. 
  • Host a talent show and allow friends who bought a ticket to cast their vote at the end of the show.
  • Teacher vs. students – sell tickets to the game of the year! Hold a teacher/student sporting event.
  • Car wash in the school parking lot
  • Athletic events – have your school’s team donate proceeds from a game or a season. Or ask a member of the faculty to pledge an amount per goal or touchdown scored.
  • Go to a private school? Ask the principal if the student body can “dress-down” on a Friday for $1.00 for Roswell Park.

Rumble for Roswell

See how one student’s fund raising idea raised more than $9,000 for breast cancer research at Roswell Park.