Learning about cancer is the first step to working toward a cure. Increase your knowledge and awareness about the disease, and share what you’ve learned with others!



Are you interested in a career in science? Maybe you want to be a surgical oncologist, pediatric oncolgy nurse, physical therapist or researcher! This spring you can come down to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus for the Student Open House and take a walking tour and get a behind-the-scenes look at various facilities on the campus and hear from the experts who work there. Students from grades 7 - 12 are all welcome to participate (with an adult) for free.

Canisius College students in Dr. Wanzer’s Health Communication class created a unique campaign to spread skin cancer awareness.

Congrats to these students from City Honors School Science Research Program at Roswell Park who have been busy attending science fairs, including the Ying Tri Region Science and Engineering Fair (TRSEF) in Syracuse, NY.

Hannah Slabodkin

“As I work in the lab at Roswell Park, I often think of my grandmother, her struggle with cancer, and how proud she would be of my work.”

Getting hands-on lab experience, going on adventures with new friends and making a difference in cancer research—those are just a few of the things Ribhav Gupta experienced throughout his time in Roswell Park’s Summer Research Internship Program i

With hookah bars popping up across the Buffalo-Niagara Region, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of them before.

Evidence suggests that enrollment in clinical trials can yield better outcomes for the patients who participate. In fact, almost all standard cancer therapies used today got their start in a clinical trial.