Career Pathways


Every day more than 3,300 employees arrive at RPCI with a shared mission – to understand, prevent and cure cancer. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and plays a different role in the fight against cancer.

Many students (and educators!) are unaware of the variety of career options available at RPCI. Yroswell teamed up with the Human Resources and Education departments to bring you the Career Pathways Guide. This customized reference guide outlines the diverse range of career opportunities at Roswell Park and in healthcare in general.

The guide is divided into eight career areas of focus, highlighting multiple career titles within each category. Each title includes earning potential, job responsibilities, knowledge and skill requirements, education and experience needed and how students can get started down the right path to a fulfilling career.

Check out the categories in the menu bar on the left and take some time to explore all the different career possibilities at Roswell Park!

Follow Anthony through a typical day in the life of a pharmacy resident and learn what working at a place like RPCI means to him.

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