Yroswell Street Team


Do you want to make a difference in the fight against cancer? 

Consider joining the Street Team!

Our goal is to bring young people together to work toward a world without cancer. You may know someone with cancer, have had cancer yourself, or just want to help a great cause. Check out how we are making a difference!

If you are a social, high-energy individual who is enthusiastic about making a difference in the fight against cancer, you'll be a perfect fit for the Street Team!

Read the latest edition of Ynews to see first-hand what our Street Teamers are up to. 

Yroswell Street Team Responsibilities

  • Educating the public about Yroswell at community events
  • Passing out flyers, cancer awareness info, and promotional items at scheduled events
  • Performing event set-up, breakdown and associated tasks
  • Researching and coordinating community events for the Street Team to attend
  • Attending Street Team get-togethers and monthly meetings
  • Promoting Yroswell on Facebook and other social networks to help us spread the word
  • And, most importantly, striving to create a world without cancer!

It feels great to make a difference!

Check out these comments from current members of our Team:

“I want to help in the fight against cancer because I believe that no one should have to suffer from this disease”. – Maggie Ahern 

“It is my wish to help give back to Roswell for everything they have done for my family. It is my dream that together we can find a cure for cancer.” – Julia Acosta 

“Communicating awareness on cancer could potentially save the lives of thousands of people.” – Allison Regan 

“I want to encourage others to learn about cancer and join in the fight to find a cure.” – Alexa Sass 

“My main goal is to work hard for a world without cancer.” – Emma Mercurio