DJ Anthony at Roswell Park

Meet DJ Anthony

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

You hear him on the radio. You see him take the stage at Kissmas Bash. You meet him at Goin’ Bald for Bucks events. You may even get to kick it with him during an in-studio. DJ Anthony has been a Bald for Bucks supporter since the very beginning and it’s something he frequently (and passionately!) talks about both on the radio and social media.

Want to learn more about him? We spoke with DJ Anthony and he gave us 8 facts he wants you to know:

1. Favorite meal - halibut fish at Frankie Primo’s +39

2. His idols – Martin Luther King Jr., Eddie Murphy, Nelson Mandela and Jamie Foxx

3. Favorite animal – tiger cub

4. Favorite article of clothing – anything fall or winter clothing style

5. Biggest fears – tornado and lightning

6. Greatest pop stars ever – Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

7. Greatest female voice – Whitney Houston

8. Event in his life that would make a great movie -  growing up in a foster home and coming from nothing to ending up on the airwaves of Kiss 98.5 talking to all of WNY and being a part of something as BIG and important as #BaldforBucks

So next time you meet him or see him again, don’t be shy. Introduce yourself, snap a selfie or give him a high five!